Carlos and family at the forest


A nice every day walk at the forest was a dream largely cherished. When we were living in Inkoo, that dream finally came through. Inkoo is a small villa situated 56 km heading west from the city of Helsinki. A walk in the forest in company of my children had been taking place every day back then. Now I have moved to Espoo, and I basically do a lot of biking around the city. That's Something I really enjoy a lot.

TV watching, was before a pastime to fill idle time, now this task plays a tutorial role idiom wise. I have to confess there is still a long way to go before we learn the local language as it should be. Although we are making slowly some progress on that.

Even though YLE have two cultural TV channels. We really miss Mexican television in particular open air channels such as 11 and 22.

Food used to be an endless succession of baked potatoes, salmon fish, chicken and or meat. All these invariably spiced with chili. Nowadays, I have managed to find most of the ingredients we are used to, therefore food is as good as it was before we left Mexico plus the nice addition of some local ingredients and plates.