Miguel questioning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did you move to Finland?
Basically we came here because of my kids and because of traveling. Finland is a safe country and an IT technology oriented nation.
Why not to stay in Mexico?
Mexico is my home country and I love my country very much. Even though I was very successful in Mexico and I have very good friends and family there. I also wanted for my family a larger exposure to different cultures and the chance to travel around Europe and another parts of the World.
Do you plan to return to Mexico?
Of course that at some point in time I will. But I have to do now some serious traveling in order to catch up with long delayed vacations of the past.
What do you do for living?
I work as an Oracle database and performance consultant. I also provide Unix administration and system integration for my customer's projects.
What do you miss most often?
I miss food mostly. Mexican food is unique and it is very rich on flavors and textures. If you plan to stay in Europe for some time and you are Mexican do not forget to bring your favorite stuff, it will surely run out after some time but there is always someone to come to re-stock your supplies.
What do you like most of Finland?
I love Finland's summer and forest. I used to walk into the forest every day. Now I do religiously a lot of biking. It still amazing for me how nature blossoms so fast in Finland during summer. And I have learned to enjoy all the seasons including winter. Finland's winter is not that harsh because all sorts of clothing are available to cope with weather and because house thermic isolation is really good.
Will other family members come to Finland?
I though it might be something unlikely to happen. I have been nicely surprise to find out myself a good excuse for my friends and family member to travel.
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